Achievement from 2nd Feb to 1st March 2024 Target - PSR Rs 80,000/- and Self Repurchase.


About Company

Founder And Managing Director
Amit H. Jadhav

He Is the revolutionary who not only thought people how to dream but also support them to reach their dreams,
Before starting ASNL INDIA PVT LTD., he enrolled himself with many companies aboard to understand their market and bring learning from his total experience of 15 years in multiple dynamic industries. Following this belief, He launched India’s first direct selling company, dynamic in agriculture, Fmcg, Nutritional-Food Supplement products with ASNL INDIA PVT LTD., with the vision of giving freedom to every Indian farmer to Reach their Dreams, Dreams of more yield in agriculture, Dream of good looking, Dream of Healthy income and Dream of best lifestyle with business growth.

He holds an speciality in Finance with KLE’S college BBA And Holds MBA Speciality in marketing with SIT, Tumkur (Sidh ganga institute of technology one of the renown campus in Karnataka ). ASNL India pvt ltd. become one of the fastest growing direct selling company in India with keen of growing 5 years in market. The guiding principle of Amit H. Jadhav (Founder & MD) (Reach Your Dreams) we believe that aims are achieved when you keep the steps forward to achieve it and changes begins with you. we support for the better career growth and success.

Mrs Lata H. Jadhav at the age of 65 is director at ASNL INDIA PVT LTD., She is responsible for executing the strategic visions for the company. She is inspiration to all the women’s and empowering women’s too grow in direct selling, she is dynamic and must say master too all the financial activity and is well known for her calculating speed, she is always being a constant support to Amit H. Jadhav (Managing director) and a inspiration to all the women empowerment.

Mrs Lata H. Jadhav

Vrushab M. Sadalagi

he is a young entrepreneur with a positive outlook completed his graduation and post graduation in agriculture microbiology from university of agricultural sciences Dharwad. He has a dream to serve the farmers with quality agriculture inputs products. He is also a supportive hand to the production team, research and development team at ASNL India Pvt Ltd., His main focus is to achieve all concern ties, safe use, and ecofriendly inputs as well as integrated implementation. His key and core value is to ensure food safety and health, highest efficiency and quality development of farmer’s livelihood. He is a Motivation and and role model to next generation.

An optimistic, self-motivated, efforts driven professional in Direct Selling Industry with more than a decade of experience in core business activities such as Sales, Training, New Product Launching, & Public Relationship. He is having good academic background, hold B.Sc. (Agriculture) from MPKV Rahuri University & MBA (Marketing) from Pune University. Amit Shinde has played a crucial role in translating the company's vision into actionable plans, managing teams, sales planning & strategizing. He is also specialized in business training which help direct seller to develop their business. He is undertaking responsibilities of organizational growth & operations across all states.

Amit Shinde