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Pashu Arogya


Pashu Arogya is an advanced Probiotics mineral mixture formula addressing livestock nutrition. It is designed to help animals better digest their feed and receive the essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids and digestive enzymes. It helps to increase milk yield and keeps them healthy.


  Improves milk production, fat and SNF in dairy animals.
  Improves fertility rate, growth and immune functions of animals and young calves.
 It helps to reduce the inter calving period and prevents metabolic diseases.
  Helps to increase feed efficiency, improve gut health and increase immunity in stress.
  Improves debility and convalescence of the animal.
  Live Probiotics stabilizes ruminal Ph, Increases fibre and carbohydrate digestion and decreases the risk of acidosis.
  Improves intestinal ecology by creating a balance in the gut microbial population.
  Harmonizes functions of digestive system and improves nutrient absorption.

  For adult cattle and horses: Daily 10-15 gm.
  For Calves, Sheep and Goats: Daily 5-7 gm.
  For poultry: 250 gm per ton of feed.

Volume & MRP: 500gm 650/-

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