Achievement from 2nd Feb to 1st March 2024 Target - PSR Rs 80,000/- and Self Repurchase.


Product Detail

Swachh Ghar


Enzyme based multi-purpose Cleaner is an effective biocide that is efficient at naturally cleaning & imparting glossy shine to your home interior, automobile and almost every surface that you know. It is a multi-purpose cleaner in a real sense as it will obsolete many products in your monthly grocery.
Key Ingredients: CAPB, Plant based derivatives, Bio Enzymes, pine oil leaf extract, Natural color.
Application Areas: Floors, Glass, Wood, Leather, Car, Bike, Kitchen utensils, Appliances, Countertops, Tables, Showers, Sporting Equipment, Toys, Bathroom, Toilets etc.
Recommended Dosage:
 Dish Wash- 5-10ml/bowl of water.
 Floor Cleaning- 10-15ml/litre of water.
 Bathroom and Toilet: 20-30ml/ litre of water.
 Vehicles- 5-10ml/litre of water.
 Deep cleaning: 50ml/litre of water.
Volume & MRP: 500 ml : MRP 399/-

Beneficiary Crops: All Crops

Volume & MRP: 500 ml : MRP 399/-

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